Jeet S.

One of the best realtors in the bay area. Super knowledgeable and extremely energetic. We had worked with Surinder to find our dream home about 2 years ago! So naturally, when it came to buying again we reached out to her. Surinder took the time to listen, analyze and let us know what made sense to us from a financial standpoint. Surinder is extremely professional and does not refrain from putting on the boxing gloves when needed. Surinder helped with talking to the builder and loan officers to make sure we get to move in on the date promised. Overall, my experience was phenomenal and I will happily recommend Surinder to any first-time or seasoned buyers. Things to expect - patient, great listener, eye for detail, energy, humble, etc. Things not to expect - quiet person, reserved person, anything less than phenomenal. I stand my word- Surinder Gill is one of the best realtors in the bay area!


Surinder helped us get our first house. Its been a wonderful experience working with her. The thing I liked the most about Surinder was the fact that she has a lot of patience and is looking to get you the best house that can fit your budget. Because of the multiple offers and bidding wars in the bay area, the process of buying a house can be very tiring and it is important that you have an agent that is willing to spend time on your house search. We took some time to find the perfect house that would fit our budget and was glad that we did not overpay. Surinder ended up showing us several properties across 4 different cities and helped us write some amazing offers. We would definitely recommend Surinder if you are looking for a buyer agent.

Sanjay G.

I worked for almost 6 months with another agent and nothing happened despite my best efforts, clear financial situation, loan approval, etc. I was not getting good advice, attention, etc., and I was really frustrated. But one of my friends recommended me to Surinder Gill and within one month, I got my dream home. She is professional, knowledgeable, and understands quickly the taste and limitation/strength of a client. She did not waste either of our times and show me only 2 homes. The first one was a little expensive and the second one was close to my budget. We sent an offer and closed the deal smoothly within a month. Great experience.

Rush D.

We worked with Surinder on both selling and buying, and we were very pleased. Surinder is very knowledgeable in this space and was able to help guide us along the process at every step. She went above and beyond with advice and help to us (getting the house ready for sale, highlighting the best parts of the house, etc.) to list our house on the market and help get us a good price even in a slow market. On the buy-side, she helped negotiate the contract, get us the contingencies we needed to feel comfortable to make the decision. She was very involved in every step of the buying process guiding us through the best practices.

Gordon A.

Surinder Gill is the best. We moved out of California leaving our home listed with another agent. After an unsuccessful nine months, we terminated the agreement and hired Surinder based on a strong referral by an industry expert. On our behalf, Surinder moved quickly to identify small updates in the house and listed within a month. Two weeks later we had a quality offer and Surinder negotiated a fully satisfactory contract. Throughout the process, she minimized our exposure and expenses, hired quality contractors at low cost, and took all the load off our shoulders. We are totally in awe at the results she produced.


Its been an absolute pleasure working again with Surinder. She helped us successfully purchase our first home back in 2016, and when we were in the market again, she was our go-to to both sell our home and buy a new one. Surinder has a great pulse on the market. She knew when to list, how to list, and what offer to accept. She truly helped us get a strong price on our sale and was a great source of guidance, support, and insights through the purchase of our new home. As repeat clients, we would unreservedly recommend her to other home-buyers. With Surinder, you will be in good hands.

Ravi M.

Surinder was referred to me by my colleague and she is indeed recommendable. She is prompt, patient, and professional. Surinder was quick at understanding the needs of my family and helped us develop an understanding of the market. She not only helped us evaluate our choices of houses carefully, but was courteous enough to give us our personal space to discuss further. Both Surinder and her team were available to answer the many questions we had and continued to be helpful throughout the process of purchasing our home. It was a pleasure to work with Surinder and her team!

Nithya B.

If you want someone with incredible knowledge of the market and is motivated to get you the best deal possible then look no further. We interviewed a dozen agents before we found her. Hurricane Surinder as I like to call her brings in her super-efficient team to help transform your home and get it market-ready without you needing to worry about anything. We have twins and she was absolutely amazing with them working around their needs and understanding how a home with kids needs to be prepped for sale. The result, Day 1: Open house; Day 2: Offer closes on the house.

Amar J.

Surinder Gill showed tremendous patience and knowledge during our time working together. Prior to listing the home for sale, we connected over the phone and we discussed timing, process, and expectations. She was very clear and concise about what was needed from me, and what she and her team would deliver. Throughout the process Surinder kept me updated every step of the way while providing her honest feedback which ultimately led to a flawless transaction and process we were all satisfied with.

E. L.

Surinder has been the ideal Realtor®️. She worked tirelessly to assure a prompt and rewarding sale of my home. Surinder consistently impressed me with her real estate skills and knowledge, answering all my questions to my satisfaction. Our interaction as Realtor®️ and home seller has been an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. To anyone interested in selling a home in Fremont, I would definitely recommend the services of Surinder.

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